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These are the voyages using Delphi Enterprise (and Architect). Its mission: to explore strange, new worlds. To design and build new applications. To boldly go...
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Weblog on iPhone XML, SOAP & Web Services

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Nov 13-14: Web Server Development with Delphi, Gothenburg (Sweden)2017/10/120
11 Sept 2015: Software Development Network Event2015/09/110
Delphi XE8 XML, SOAP & Web Services Development2015/05/083
Delphi XE8 Development Essentials2015/04/162
Delphi 2007's Indy 10 version of IdHTTPWebBrokerBridge.pas 2015/02/116
Delphi XE6 XML, SOAP & Web Services Development2014/08/0811
Delphi Developer Days 2014: May and June2014/03/170
Delphi Developer Days 2013 - cities and dates announced2013/01/245
March 26-28: Delphi XE2 Essentials in Stockholm (Sweden)2012/02/151
2011 March 21-23: Delphi Essentials Training in Sweden2011/01/102
CodeRage 5 "SOAP Security" slides and source code2010/10/081
Delphi and RAD Studio XE available2010/08/311
May 31-June 2: Delphi and RAD Studio Essentials in Göteborg, Sweden2010/04/090
Delphi Prism Development Essentials PDF2010/04/058
Delphi 2010 XML, SOAP and Web Services courseware manual2010/03/1221
My Camtasia videos on Delphi development2010/03/112
Delphi 2010 Friday Afternoon Workshops2009/12/290
Delphi and RAD Studio Essentials on Nov 16-18, 2009 in Sweden2009/09/220
Delphi 2010 Masterclass on Nov 2-4, 2009 in Helsinki, Finland2009/09/222
Delphi Prism and ASP.NET SOAP Web Services2009/02/230
Delphi 2009 Essentials in Stockholm, Sweden 2008/12/150
My CodeRage III session replays2008/12/078
Vote for SOAP v1.2 client support in QC2008/09/1711
Delphi for Win32 SOAP Exceptions2008/08/040
Delphi 2007 Essentials in Göteborg, Sweden2008/04/163
TDM #133: Sending SMS using Delphi2008/02/072
EKon11 and EuroDevCon in Frankfurt2007/09/242
Delphi 2006 and ADO.NET 1.1 paperbacks on Lulu2007/08/300
Debugging/Testing Win32 SOAP Web Services2007/08/090
July 18-19: CodeGear European Web Seminar Developer Days2007/07/095
C++Builder 2007 signed off...2007/06/050
Consuming ASP.NET 2.0 Web Services in Delphi for Win322007/02/05136
Oct 9-10: distributed database apps and ASP.NET / AJAX2006/10/020
Two Days with Bob Swart in Upavon, Wiltshire, UK2006/09/130
Delphi 2006 XML, SOAP and Web Services manual2006/09/124
Borland Conference 2006 Session Voting2006/08/081
Borland Conference 2006 Session Proposals2006/07/020
2005/12/09: Web Services and Security2005/12/020
ECO Web Services and RSS feeds2005/11/240
RSS Feed available (and port 80 opened)2005/11/014
WSE 2.0 X509CertificateStore constants in Delphi 20052005/10/315

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