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Scribd and copyrighted material

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 4/24/2012 2:40:54 PM (GMT+1)

Recently, someone showed me links on Scribd (a site that I didn't know before) to some of my copyrighted material, uploaded by some developers who bought or otherwise obtained these PDF files. Specifically, an uploaded version of my Delphi XE Starter Development Essentials can be seen for example, as well as a number editions of my Delphi 2010 DataSnap Development white paper. It's a bit unfortunate, not just because this is clearly a copyright violation, but also because the DataSnap 2010 information is outdated (by at least two years), so I hope Real Delphi Developers skip that old information and just go for the real PDF files with updates and support.



JohnJ 12/04/24 21:35:09Bob, Have you contacted Just wonder how they react to such things form the writer/copyright holder! I got out of programing as I did utilities and small apps. Some free and none over about $40 USD. I found hundreds of downloads from the black hat websites. If I only had $10 from each download I'd still be in the business. Criminals and we need to take a stand.
Robert Love 12/04/24 21:38:52You can request it to be removed.
Bob Swart 12/04/24 23:14:32I've also sent a request to Scribd to remove the document, but it will take them a few business days. And regardless of the result, I wanted to let people know that this is apparently going on (there are other copyrighted Delphi publications also on Scribd, but apparently they claim to be non-responsible (irresponsible?) regarding the uploaded contents by their members... Sad...
Bob Swart 12/04/25 07:39:49Well, I got a message from Scridb today, telling me to download a DMCA notification template and fill in some information fields, and include contact information (email as well as phone number)...
Shane 12/04/25 14:27:45Looks like Scribd will most likely take action with your request but, they are going to take the longest painful process they can, in order to keep the content up the longest.
Alister Christie 12/04/26 05:56:36I suppose it is a positive sign for Delphi that people think that pirating training materials is worth while exploit.

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