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Win32 and .NET cooperation using Delphi and Hydra 3

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 3/26/2008 2:19:32 PM (GMT+1)

Come to the Software Developer Event this Friday (March 28th), for a number of Delphi sessions including one from me on Win32 and .NET co-operation using Delphi and Hydra 3. In the first part of the session, I'll start by showing how to use regular Win32 DLLs in .NET using regular imports or the DllImport attribute, plus a more flexible way using Virtual Library Interfaces. I then move on to using .NET assemblies in Win32 applications, which is easy for unsafe .NET libraries, but not so easy for managed .NET assemblies.

We then move to the second part of the session, where I'll use Hydra 3 from RemObjects Software to demonstrate how we can extend existing Win32 applications with managed (as well as unmanaged) modules using the Hydra Module Manager (in the Win32 host executable) and Hydra Modules with Module Controllers for visual, non-visual or service plug-ins which can be managed or unmanaged.
To cut a long story short: Hydra 3 is a big help when it comes to extending your Win32 applications with .NET modules today, without having to migrate or port your complete source code.



David Champion 08/03/26 15:33:09Is the session in English ?
Bob Swart 08/03/26 16:24:54I'm afraid the session will be in Dutch, but the slides are in English and I may also publish a paper on the session details.
Bob Swart 08/03/28 17:40:56The slides of my session are now available to view or download.
Brad White 08/04/25 20:27:49How does it handle data conversion? I'm having trouble with the .NET 96 bit decimal type. BCD isn't quite right, but would probably be adequate if is wasn't so buggy.

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