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C++Builder 2007 Survey

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 2/7/2007 10:46:42 PM (GMT+1)

CodeGear is serious about C++ and RAD, and is working work on upcoming releases of C++Builder. They're putting lots of energy into quality, build performance/flexibility/configurability, IDE features and performance, debugging, support for popular libraries, language conformance, Vista support, VCL and database connectivity, and more.

You can help CodeGear to validate their work-in-progress and set priorities and directions for future releases, by taking the 2007 C++Builder survey - the ideal place for you to tell CodeGear what you need in future releases and to help shape our roadmap and make C++Builder the best rapid C++ development environment!



Francisco Benavides 07/07/09 19:36:33I was about to purchase C++ Builder 2007 when I found out that there was an additional amount of money I had to pay to have access to only 12 months of updates..... What does it mean ? If they don't make any update during those 12 months, I paid for nothing ? I'd like some feedback of you people who have already bought these new code gear development tools.... Thank you
Bob Swart 07/07/09 22:53:19I believe we should see the SA as a subscription. If you renew every year, then you will get every new update and upgrade in that period. This is good for you (you only have a fixed price to pay for 12 months, and will get all tools in the SA subscription - product or studio), and it's good for CodeGear (they have a certain amount of income that they can use to invest in new developments, which in the end is good for all users again). SA is cheaper than buying every version (or even every other version), and it results in much more reliable and secure chain of updates and upgrades (and a more steady stream of revenue for CodeGear). I'm all for it!
Francisco Benavides 07/07/10 06:45:47Thank you for your answer. I'll consider it. I really like Borland tools and maybe I'll purchase this new C++ Builder 2007 later in this year.
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