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Software Development Network Event 2017 #3

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 10/4/2017 11:32:08 AM (GMT+1)

On October 6th 2017, at the third Software Development Network Event of 2017, Cary Jensen and Bob Swart will give Delphi presentations.

Creating Windows Services, Part 1 (Cary Jensen)
In this first of two parts on building Windows Services, I provide an overview of Windows Services and why they are the perfect solution for software that needs to be highly available and which runs without direct user intervention. Here I will discuss tried and true approaches to building successful Windows Services, and techniques, such as multithreaded programming, that permit you services to be most useful and responsive.

Creating Windows Services, Part 2 (Cary Jensen)
This session continues this in-depth look at Windows Services. In this section I describe how to provide feedback from a service using the Windows Event Viewer, how to create the necessary Windows resources to give your service a professional look and feel, as well as how to implement control panel applications in order to permit the configuration of these GUI-less applications.

FireMonkey on Linux (Bob Swart)
In deze sessie gebruikt Bob de FmxLinux tool om te laten zien hoe we FireMonkey GUI toepassingen onder Linux kunnen maken met Delphi.

Preventing and Fixing Coupled Code (Cary Jensen)
Code coupling, or inter-unit dependencies, are an essential part of our everyday applications. However, if not managed properly, coupled code can lead to a tangled mess of dependent units that unnecessarily bloat executables with unwanted content. In this talk I explain the dangers of code coupling, and shares with you techniques for preventing or removing these unwanted dependencies.

Delphi FireDAC Live Q & A(Cary Jensen en Bob Swart)
In May of this year I published my most recent book, Delphi in Depth: FireDAC. In this fun and interactive session, I will explore FireDAC by taking live questions from the audience, as well as share some of my favorite tricks. I will be joined in this session by databases guru Bob Swart.


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