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Software Development Network Event 2017 #2

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 6/23/2017 2:13:16 PM (GMT+1)

At the second Software Development Network Event of 2017, Jens Fudge and Bob Swart will give Delphi presentations.

App Tethering, with extra stuff (Jens Fudge)
I have a session where I build a system in three sprints. The first sprint will be a “standard” client/Server multiuser application hooking onto a database. I am for this sprint going with sort of an ORM approach, with generic lists of objects, using anonymous methods to sort objects in a list (Just to get some interesting stuff going on). I sprint two I hook the multiuser applications together with App Tethering so they can reflect on changes made to the database. Sprint three will extend the reflection a little bit so they no longer need to reflect on the database at all.

FireDAC fun (Jens Fudge)
Showing various bits and pieces of FireDAC including ArrayDML, LocalSQL, cached Updates, FDMemtable and other goodies from FireDAC.

RAD Server Microservices (Bob Swart)
In deze sessie laat Bob zien wat RAD Server en hoe we RAD Server kunnen uitbreiden met eigen microservices geschreven in Delphi. We gaan nieuwe EMS packages maken en debuggen, inclusief custom REST API endpoints.

Responsive UI’s (Jens Fudge)
In this demo i show how to handle especially on a mobile device, how to let the user know that something is going on, while the app is getting data from a database or what ever its doing. I do this by showing a modal looking form with a TAniIndicator spinning on it. It’s not a modal form, as Android won’t allow blocking code, so I have other tricks up my sleeve to kind of simulate the behaviour, look and feel of this.


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