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One month from now....

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 1/14/2011 7:26:42 AM (GMT+1)

Feb 14th 2011...Valentine's Day, Delphi turns 16, and Bob Swart organises another Delphi Workshop in Helmond Brandevoort (NL) this time with the focus on iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch development using Delphi XE, Advantage WebAPI, TMS IntraWeb iPhone Controls (for browser based solutions) and MonoDevelop with Delphi Prism XE for native solutions.

The day will be held in the usual place 't Brandpunt in Helmond Brandevoort, The Netherlands from 1300 until 17:00 with one coffee break about halfway. Detailed agenda will follow soon, but the main topics are listed above, and registration is open.
People attending the seminar will receive a PDF document (by e-mail) with detailed coverage of all demos and techniques used during the workshop.
Existing customers of Bob Swart Training & Consultancy (eBob42), as well as members of the Software Development Network (SDN) can attend this afternoon for free. If you are not yet a member or customer of Bob Swart (in one way or another), you can attend for the price of only 21 Euro ex.VAT (24,99 including VAT). This fee will be deducted from any purchase or use you make from Bob Swart Training & Consultancy before March 31, 2011 (in which case the event was free for you as well). ;-)



Anon 11/01/14 13:00:42In English or Dutch?
Bob Swart 11/01/14 13:04:34I will perform the sessions in Dutch only, but the documentation will be in English (so I can publish it on my website and/or turn it into a new courseware manual later).
Bob Swart 11/01/14 17:07:02There will also be a prize for a lucky attendee: a free TMS IntraWeb iPhone Controls Pack.
Birger Jansen 11/01/14 18:34:48Looks interesting. Too bad I have another appointment on this date. I'm very interested so if you plan another session I'll try to be there.
Didiergm 11/01/14 22:27:12Are you planning another session in French or English ? because this sounds fascinating
Bob Swart 11/01/14 22:45:30I'm afraid I do not speak French, but I may do some similar sessions in English (for example in Sweden in March or when I visit the UK later in 2011).
Didiergm 11/01/14 22:55:41English will do me fine; keep us posted if ever you do a session in the UK - thanks
The Sourcerer 11/01/15 11:53:24Will be glad if you do a session in English some where in Africa(Lagos, Nigeria would be great) to allow us African developers to attend.
Jason McMillen 11/01/16 21:17:42How does one target iOS with a compiler that currently only targets Win32? I assume this is where Delphi Prism comes in?
Bob Swart 11/01/16 21:27:51Delphi Prism + MonoTouch, yes. The Win32 solutions are browser-based.
Chris Iksnizdag 11/01/17 05:51:11Unfortunatly, I can't attend this event because I neither speak Dutch nor can go to the Netherlands. I might make it some ogled time, depending by where I am, thought, because I always wanted to know this! However, how does it work, making an iOS app in Delphi Prism? I have Prism and MonoTouch, but how do they talk to eachother? Also, I believe this involves .net...? I think I should go to one of your sessions! :>) Ironically, speaking of iPods and such, I'm typing this on an iPod right now!
David Rose 11/01/19 20:26:52How about a session online for those that can't make it in person. I'd happy pay 25 euros to participate (maybe even a 100).
Bob Swart 11/01/19 20:30:54LOL - I'll see if I can run Camtasia while I'm doing the Delphi XE sessions, but I'm not sure how I could record the Mac sessions to be honest. An upcomning white paper by Brian Long (with a webinar) may help you with that (hmm, which reminds me to ask him how he recorded the session on the Mac)...
Niek de Ruijter 11/01/23 18:34:52Hi Bob, I have registered for this event. Do I get a confirmation?
Bob Swart 11/01/23 19:19:34I had planned to send the confirmation e-mails next week, including links to example applications. But I will send confirmations this evening (if you did not get a message by Monday, you're not on the list) ;-)
Stefaan Lesage 11/02/03 16:19:20Hi Bob ... The Mac session is easy ... Use Screenflow ... Heck, you could even install VMWare Fusion on your mac and do the Win32 session on your mac and capture all video from there. At least that's how I am working lately. I do all my Delphi development in a VMWare on my Mac.
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