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Free Delphi 2010 Workshop in Helmond, The Netherlands

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 2/16/2010 11:42:54 AM (GMT+1)

A new free Delphi 2010 workshop is organised on Thursday, March 25th in Helmond Brandevoort, The Netherlands, where Bob Swart will speak about Delphi 2010, the ToolCloud, Language and RTL enhancements, Debugger Visualizers, Windows 7 Support and (in-depth) on DataSnap 2010 Filters.

Apart from this free afternoon event, there are also four hands-on workshops being organised in Helmond Brandevoort, about Delphi 2010 topics such as Web Services on March 5th, and DataSnap 2010 on March 19th. These events are in Dutch, for smaller groups (2-5 people) and cost 240 Euro per developer (almost full - make sure to book your place in time).



Jens Borrisholt 10/02/16 13:04:58Any plans of Workshops in English ?
Bob Swart 10/02/16 13:07:05Not in Helmond, unless you want to book a private workshop (that's always possible, but a bit more expensive - 500 Euro for 2-3 developers half a day, 800 Euro for a full day, but then you can specify the full agenda for the workshop of course)...
Bob Swart 10/02/16 21:43:17See also the UK Masterclass at
Bob Swart 10/02/16 21:44:34Or for the seminar in Sweden (also in English)

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