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These are the voyages using Delphi Enterprise (and Architect). Its mission: to explore strange, new worlds. To design and build new applications. To boldly go...

April 12-13, 2010: Delphi / DataSnap Development Masterclass in UK

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 2/11/2010 5:42:00 PM (GMT+1)

This 2-day Delphi 2010 / DataSnap 2010 masterclass in Upavon, Wiltshire, UK on April 12-13, 2010, is organised together with the UK Developers Group, featuring Bob Swart as presenter, and currently open for bookings (we have some registrations already and limited space, so don't wait too long to book your own place ;-)).

The first day of the masterclass covers new features in Delphi since 2007, using Windows 7 (because some of the features require Windows 7), the second day is a fully hands-on day using DataSnap.

  • Delphi 2010 IDE & Language
    Build configurations, warnings as errors, new search, enhanced RTTI, extended is/as, new attributes, new delayed keyword
  • RTL/VCL Enhancements
    IOUtils, Diagnostics/TimeSpan, Touch and Gesture, TTouchKeyboard
  • Unicode Strings and Migration
    With new real-world examples
  • Windows 7 support
    TDirect2DCanvas, TWICGraphic, Aero, Windows 7 API
  • Debug Visualizers
    how to use, how to write your own
The second day is truly hands-on, people are strongly encouraged to play along. If you do not have Delphi 2010 Enterprise or higher, you can download the Delphi 2010 Architect edition trial-edition in order to play along and learn what DataSnap 2010 can do.
  • DataSnap 200X Architecture
    No more COM, DataSnap Server, wizards, server methods, client, generate client classes, deployment of server, callbacks
  • DataSnap and Databases
    Adding datasets, DataSetProviders, DSProviderConnection, applying updates, handling reconcile errors
  • Filters and Security
    Filter architecture, Compression, Encryption, Custom filters, Security, HTTP Authentication, performance
  • DataSnap Web Servers
    DataSnap Web Application, client connections, HTTP authentication, Deployment (hosting on IIS), REST and JSON
    Delphi Prism and/or C++Builder clients
I will build one big example on that day, but will use anecdotes and experiences from two real-world DataSnap 2010 applications currently in production.

Techniques covered in the first day may be used on the second day, so if you can, I recommend attending both days ;-)

See the full agenda for more details. Hope to see you all in April!



Keith 10/02/11 23:51:40Please come do this in the US
Bob Swart 10/02/12 09:38:57I'm afraid it's not likely - I'll stick with The Netherlands, UK (April) and Sweden (May-June) for now. Anything close to home is fine, but not outside Western Europe. In March or April the DataSnap 2010 book will be available, and then I'll be doing some more full-screen webinars to promote it (teasers for all, full videos for the buyers only).
melony 10/09/28 23:03:57hqnfOt

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