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Free 50+-page white paper on Delphi / RAD Studio 2010 DataSnap

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 10/29/2009 7:45:55 PM (GMT+1)

My free 50+-page white paper (plus videos) on Delphi / RAD Studio 2010 DataSnap is now available for download.

In this paper and videos, I provide a hands-on approach to the power and flexibility of DataSnap in RAD Studio 2010. From getting your first server and client apps going through to working with .NET as well as using internet protocols, filters, authentication and callbacks, I lead you in easy steps to get fast and powerful results. Download this unique and FREE white paper now!



LDS 09/10/29 20:41:05I am sorry that even highly regarded Delphi authors became just Embarcadero marketing people. This paper is really marketing stuff, and as long as reviewers are unable to point out the big flaws in the new Datasnap design, and I mean those about security, Delphi will never improve *really*. Filters are just a workaround, and implementing *proper* security using them is nearly impossible. Yet Embarcadero is trying to convince customers that's the way to go, and you're giving them an alibi. One day customers will learn the designed is flawed in the hard way.
Bruce McGee 09/10/29 21:13:24Great googa-mooga! This is exactly what I need and the timing couldn't have been better. Thanks!
Daniele Teti 09/10/29 21:57:16Thanks for this work Bob. I'm glad to see cited mine DSFiltersCompendium in the whitepaper.
Bob Swart 09/10/29 22:42:28Daniele Teti - your DS Filters Compendium is great, so I mentioned them with pleasure.
Visli 09/10/30 09:51:23An error been found on page 17: "Do not forget to set the LoginName property of the TSQLConnection component..." The word "LoginName" should be "LonginPrompt"
Dev 09/10/30 16:49:36Thank you for your great work, but it's cover the basics, I think Delphi miss the advanced topics, which is very bad and doesn't show the power of it.
Jay Faubion 09/11/16 02:29:09Bob, the Datasnap paper is great. Do you have any better quality videos than the ones we see on YouTube and the Embarcadero site? Some of the text is very difficult to read.
Bob Swart 09/11/16 19:15:12The videos were recorded at 1024x768, and I still have the original recordings (at home). When I'm back from the training here in Sweden, I will render them as full screen SWF files and make them available for people to view or download (probably from my own website). In the meantime, know that the videos only contain what I also cover in the white paper, so you could also read the white paper while watching the videos ;-)
Lena 09/11/26 21:12:52The Datasnap paper is great. I can’t find information about DataSnap for C++ Builder 2010. Is it possible create new DataSnap server without COM in C++ Builder 2010? Thanks.
IL 10/01/07 19:20:13Dear Mr.Swart, your Delphi 2010 DataSnap whitepaper translated to russian by Embarcadero division in Russia. Please, see
Bob Swart 10/02/11 13:08:26The original unedited/uncut video is now available for download at full resolution from

If you like this stuff, make sure too look for the upcoming DataSnap 2010 Courseware manual (and the seminars in London (April) and Gothenburg (May/June) that I'm doing on it. ;-)

Mike 10/03/14 17:35:31Dear Mr.Swart, where we can download your article or video demo about how create new DataSnap server in C++ Builder 2010? We found this information from this link: Thanks.
Bob Swart 10/03/15 08:42:24For C++Builder 2010 I'm writing an article right now for the upcoming special (May 2010) issue of C++Builder Developer's Journal - see for the special issue information.
Bob Swart 10/03/15 08:43:21You can now also watch the video (and other videos) from
Bob Swart 10/04/16 09:23:07Apart from the Russian translation at I also found a French translation at
Bob Swart 10/04/16 09:24:09And is the link for a Korean translation.
Bob Swart 12/04/24 16:10:10The white paper can also be found, without permission, on Scribd now...

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