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My Delphi Events this week - all FREE

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 9/7/2009 8:52:30 AM (GMT+1)

The week from 7-11 September 2009 is full with Delphi related technical events, including CodeRage 4 and my own free Delphi 2010 seminar in Helmond Brandevoort (The Netherlands) on September 11th.

We start off tomorrow with CodeRage 4 - the 4-day FREE virtual conference with more than 90 technical sessions. I'm doing a session on Smart Clients with Delphi and RemObjects SDK on Wednesday (8:00-8:45 PDT - 17:00-17:45 GMT+1), where I try to explain that internet-enabling an application should not necessarily result in a browser-based application. Smart clients are often overlooked as an alternative, and in my session I'll use RemObjects SDK (and a bit Data Abstract) to demonstrate this. DataSnap 2010 is also a good framework for Smart Clients, and there are several DataSnap 2010 sessions at CodeRage 4 as well, so check it out.

CodeRage 4 is free, but you need to register and sign up for the sessions you want to attend.

During the last day of CodeRage 4, I'm also offering a free half-day Delphi 2010 "launch" seminar in Helmond Brandevoort, for people in The Netherlands and Belgium who want to see the new features in Delphi 2010 performed live (in Dutch). I'll even bring a touch screen so you can "feel" the touch and gesturing support in Delphi 2010 for yourself during the break. See the agenda for more details.

This workshop is also totally free, but you must register as well (and don't wait too long, because we have only a few places left).


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