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The End of an Era

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 5/8/2009 8:21:19 AM (GMT+1)

As most of you may have read by now: Borland will be bought by MicroFocus for 50 million pounds, which may also mean the end of (the use of) the name Borland; truly the end of an era. I grew up with Turbo Pascal, and am Forever Loyal to Delphi, so although Borland didn't really "do" a lot for Delphi (apart from selling CodeGear to Embarcadero), I'll still miss the old name and feeling.

For me personally, it's the end of another era as well. You may have noticed the DelphiLive! conference in the USA next week. I won't be there, and neither will I be at for example EKon later in 2009 (but I will be at SDC in The Netherlands). Which doesn't mean you shouldn't be there (you should!), just that you won't see me. Personal circumstances (mainly health related) have made me decide to take a sabbatical year (or two) when it comes to conferences and seminars outside of The Netherlands (with the exception of an annual visit to my friends Phil and Joanna of the UK Developers Group in Upavon, and perhaps a combined training/vacation in Sweden later this year).

"Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated" - I feel fine, have more Delphi work than ever (three concurrent projects, using Win32 with Unicode on one, and lots of ASP.NET and SQL on another), and I will remain active in the Delphi community forever, but I will cut back heavily on travel - especially outside of The Netherlands. For me, the virtual conferences work(ed) out pretty well ;-)



Jim McKeeth 09/05/08 08:46:02A sabbatical is a good idea from time to time. Hope you get feeling better. You will be missed at the conferences I am sure. I plan on Twittering all the interesting stuff anyway.
Ken Knopfli 09/05/08 09:18:39So now WE have to come see YOU! :) I have gained much from your writings, tips etc. over the long years. Keep healthy. It is the most valuable thing we have.
Bruce McGee 09/05/08 16:51:52Here's hoping things work out well. Feel better.
Anon 09/05/08 18:12:50Maybe Embarcadero can make an offer to buy the "Borland" name??? :) (and the domain name: maybe? - so that it redirects to Embarcadero website - so people can still find delphi :) There is still many people that equate Delphi and some other tools as being Borland, i.e Borland Delphi... Embarcadero Delphi or CodeGear Delphi doesn't resonate as well with everyone... and some people might even think that is some other Delphi, especially to people whose not used delphi for a few years and want to check up on the tool again...
Fernando Rizzato 09/05/08 18:16:15Hope you get better soon!
Hank Brandwijk 09/05/10 10:32:59Certainly the end of an era. One thing I remember from visits to your seminars/trainings is the sticker on your laptop: "Made in Borland" ... Take care!
Dimitrij Kowalsky 09/05/11 08:03:44Thank you for your great support over this past years. Whish you quick regain of your health. Take care out there!
BRG 09/05/13 16:23:08Long time listener, first time caller. All the best, Bob. I started a software product line 15 years ago using Borland's Turbo C/C++ compiler and your site was very helpful when I changed to BCB in 1997/1998. Ahh, those were the days! I have really appreciated all of your hard work in the BCB/Delphi community!
Bob Swart 09/05/13 16:36:52Thanks for all the kinds words, and remember: I'm only cutting down on travel, but even from home (in The Netherlands) I can be very active when it comes to supporting Delphi. You just have to come here to see me, although it looks like I may be visiting the UK around September 14-15 this year. Stay tuned...
Bob Swart 09/05/17 21:17:03And I've just heard that CodeRage IV is announced for September 8-11 - a virtual conference, so I'm sure to be able to make that one.
See for a list of past and present events & seminars I (plan to) attend(ed).

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