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Borland Q1 2008 results - CodeGear sold to Embarcadero Technologies

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 5/7/2008 1:32:41 PM (GMT+1)

Borland has announced its preliminary financial results for Q1 2008, and also announced a definitive agrement to sell the assets of its individual developer tools unit, CodeGear, to Embarcadero Technologies. The transaction is expected to close by June 30, 2008.



Stéphane Wierzbicki 08/05/07 13:50:58I'm just wondering what the future will tell us but it look to me like a great thing.
Bob Swart 08/05/07 13:56:50DavidI has posted a letter to the CodeGear developer community talking about the announcement at
Eelco van der Hoff 08/05/07 15:14:26Sounds great, but if I glance quickly as what Embarcadero core buisness is, I'm afraid for the future of CodeGear RAD Studio. Especially the last part of the FAQ "Are there plans to discontinue any CodeGear or Embarcadero products?" and the "Customer letter from Wayne Williams, CEO Embarcadero Technologies" does not remove my fears. Not to mention that it does not score with the management in my company, that I know now for sure will switch to MS Visual Studio and the NET.
Bob Swart 08/05/07 15:47:47I'm awaiting the arrival of the (Delphi for) .NET Roadmap with some more interest now, hoping for the best.
Ron Grove 08/05/07 20:07:40I'm very hopeful myself. Seems to me they're expanding their core business into related and highly complimentary fields. But for Management teams trying to make the best decision on what tools to use it is yet more uncertainty. And uncertainty is a bad thing in that context I'm afraid. Embarcadero needs to act quickly and do everything they can to put those fears to rest.
Mark Wisecarver 08/05/08 14:19:40Come on guys, its time to follow Anders Hejlsberg, Chuck Jazdzewski, Danny Thorpe, Paul Gross, Blake Stone and Charlie Calvert over to Visual Studio.
Bob Swart 08/05/08 15:08:57After more than a decade, I can still use Delphi for my daily native (and managed) Windows solutions, so I'll stick with what I love, thanks ;-)
Bob Swart 08/05/08 23:21:21Next to CodeGear, see
Moises Gumbs 08/07/25 21:20:43VISUAL STUDIO? what for? to follow that erratic path of Microsoft, carrying every single SP with your software because if you don't have SPx and .netX already installed your application can't run (Or worse). Thanks Mark, but no... personally I'll prefer to get stuck on my BDS2006, until something better come along....

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