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EKon11 and EuroDevCon in Frankfurt

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 9/24/2007 7:26:39 PM (GMT+1)

Yesterday I arrived in Frankfurt for the 11th EKon and EuroDevCon, which always starts for me with a full-day (or two half-day) Power Workshop about some kind of Delphi technique.
This time, the topic was about Implementing Automatic Updates for Win32 Delphi VCL Applications, and during the workshop I not only explained but also build the applications from scratch (an Update SOAP Server, a Win32 Client, and an update server manager to manage the update files), plus the wishes that would come in from the very interactive audience like including CRC checks, splitting the SOAP attachments into pieces (in order to show progress), and so forth. If you weren't there - you can download slides and source code, but remember to use the source code at your own risk. There was only one unexpected surprise in the form of a WSDL Importer bug, which I'll try to nail down tonight and post as a QC report when I'm back (wait for my comment to this blog post for the link).
All in all, it was great fun, although I must admit it's always good to be here in Frankfurt.

Tomorrow, the keynote will be done by Jason Vokes as DavidI is still unable to be here (all the best from Frankfurt, David!) and the product address by Nick Hodges and Jon Harrison. After that, I got two more Delphi sessions: one about ASP.NET Error Handling (showing how to decrease visitor frustration) and one about webcam fun, including demos of a passport picture shooter, a motion detector in my back garden, and more. You have to be there ;-)



Wolfgang Hallmann (Germany, Mainz) 07/09/26 10:24:49Hi Bob, is there any chance to get your webcam example from ekon11 here also in advance? Wont wait until the ekon-cd comes out. Thanks (
Bob Swart 07/09/26 16:03:33Source code for the "webcam fun for Delphi Developers" session can be downloaded from

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