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Dr.Bob's Delphi Weblog Finally Deployed

Author: Bob Swart
Posted: 8/18/2005 10:00:50 PM (GMT+1)

My Delphi Weblog, originally called "Dr.Bob's Delphi Weblodge", now renamed to "Dr.Bob's Delphi Notes" (powered by ASP.NET and ECO II) is finally deployed and available online at (as you see if you can read this).
I will add new features like RSS feeds, once I've implemented the ECO-2 Web Service to return the RSS.
Note that the current deployment web server is my backup internet machine, so it may not be available on a 24x7 basis (the same machine is used to host my garden webcam application at and Skype answering machine - both written in Delphi as well - so it gets a bit crowded up here ;-)
Have fun, and feel free to leave any comments (although I will delete spam and other abuse). Thanks in advance!

Groetjes, Bob Swart



Angry Surfer05/08/18 22:39:39Hi!
Peter Morris05/08/18 22:48:18These pages serve very quickly don't they! Could you change the display of your blog from a scrollable text box to something else? It's hard to read!
Bob Swart05/08/18 22:51:59Peter: yes, I'm planning to replace the scrollable TextBox with a real HTML segment (so authors can embed links and pictures as well). Will probably take a few days, but stay tuned...
Peter Morris05/08/19 00:38:24If you want any of the source just let me know, I don't mind sharing it.
hehe!05/08/19 02:40:44This's Chinese. ??????????????Dexter.Together+Eco+delphi????.
Bob Swart05/08/19 08:26:32Thanks for the offer Pete, but I want to re-invent, discover (and describe) everything myself. That's also the main reason why I'm not using an existing weblog application in the first place, but started to write one on my own (powered by ECO-2)... ;-)
Venkatesh VT05/08/19 08:58:02Congrats.This will make ECO 2 more popular
Levend05/08/19 12:03:47BTW: where is the 3rd part in Bitwise magazine that you mentioned ("... Next month, ..."). I'd be very interested to see how all these things are handled with ECO. BTW: any reason why the text field is _so_ narrow ???
Bob Swart05/08/19 13:50:36Sorry Levend, but I took a little vacation in July and first weeks of August. The third part (on authenitcation and additional features) and fourth part (on deployment) have been written, and will be published next week and next month respectively.
Terry Carnes05/08/19 16:19:33Great work Bob! I'm looking forward to seeing you in San Francisco.
Bob Swart05/08/19 17:14:26FWIW, I've now added the browserCaps definitions found at to my web.config, so Netscape and FireFox should be happy again (I hope)...
Nick Hodges05/08/19 17:45:41Very cool. Clearly ECO rocks. I just need to find the time to jump on the bandwagon! Nick
Levend05/08/19 21:24:29Cool, I am very eager to read parts 3 & 4 :-)) Go on - great work !
Rossen Assenov05/08/20 00:15:02Is there a place where we can get the latest source for the blog engine ? Is it going to be free/open-source ? It would be great to be able to deploy Delphi based blog engine in our company (we are a Delphi shop).
Bob Swart05/08/20 07:22:17Rossen: the source code is public domain (free) and will accompany the articles that I'm writing about it (see for details). As a consequence, the public version will always be a bit behind the actual deployed blog engine...
Burhan Mustafa Tanis(burhanmt)05/08/20 13:06:48Hi! blog site's is built with Delphi 2005. I did'nt use ECO II but all the same good and stable.
Brian S.05/08/21 13:08:13hey bob, ;) in additional it shows advantages of ECO 2,,, we should support borland,, we have to,,, now I sell more delphi :D it is not my main job but I support borland, I grow with PASCAL from when i was a kid,
Brian S.05/08/21 13:09:01one thing, do some dynamic html and control the comment size, it generate errors, ":)) it killed me in send a post!
Brian S.05/08/21 13:44:37BOB! add a lazarus part also,,, :) again, we should made community to support our favorite company borland , any one is with me?
Bob Swart05/08/21 14:01:41Brian: but I'm not using Lazarus, sorry, so I don't expect it would make much sense to add a Lazarus part... A Chrome category will be added shortly (and some others, including one on my garden and fruit plants ;-)
Brian S.05/08/21 18:53:54I agree here, I believe we should support delphi team and explain real delphi capabilities ,,, a community for delphi,
Jose Castillo05/08/23 17:03:55Bob, this is excellent!!!
Brian Samiee05/08/23 17:49:26More than excelent, it shows the real power of delphi, I am happy I am living in Delphi world!
Naas Ferreira05/08/24 07:44:26Looking forward to the deployment part.. Nice work Bob!
Robert Meek05/08/25 22:44:29Nice Bob! I really like the way your Blog is displayed, especially the fact that it appears as formatted html and not plan text as most are...could the same be done for the responses?
Bob Swart05/08/25 23:15:10Robert: I'm a bit afraid of formatting the comments as HTML, since HTML in comments could contain harmful scripts or unexpected side effects. The app runs on my own web server at home, so although paranoid, I'm rather (too) safe than sorry.
:D hi!05/08/26 14:10:06:)) okay, just remove this 255 characters limitation.
Bob Swart05/08/26 18:31:16Ehum, the 255 character limitation on comments will be addressed shortly: see my latest blog entry for details ;-)
saeed Bay05/08/27 20:12:38Thank You Very Much Bob For This Sample
saeed Bay05/08/28 19:51:34How i can palce Count Column in DataGrid like your Blog Sample?
Bob Swart05/08/28 21:09:24That will be covered in detail in the fifth part of the series in Bitwise Magazine ;-) To give a little teaser: I'll add a template column to the dgPosts DataGrid, with the Post ExternalId as data field, and in the DataGrid's ItemDataBound event handler I'll use the value of the ExternalId to get the current Post, and then use that class to get the Comments.Count. In code: (ObjectForId(Cell.Text).AsObject as Post).Comments.Count.ToString The same thing for the categories and the number of Posts.
Venkatesh VT05/09/01 19:30:42Thanks to Bob I have been able to host his blog part 2 on a remote host on which I have absolutely no control.It was fun doing it & I am planning to use Delphi ECO & for all my future web development
Joe Hendricks05/09/03 20:52:51Great example of Eco2 ! Thanks, JoeH
saeed bay05/09/05 20:35:39when you wnat to publish Next Part Mr Swart?
Bob Swart05/09/08 18:01:17Part 4 with the ASP.NET Deployment details for my ECO Weblog is now published at
Filip Demuynck05/09/11 12:11:56Hi Bob, I just checked out the 4 chapters on ECO II and I'm really impressed and i'm redesigning my next web-app to use ECO, that's for sure.
Bob Swart05/09/11 17:05:50Hi Filip, in that case you may want to check out my upcoming ASP.NET training clinics at on Sept 22nd and Oct 6th (the second day will feature two complete real-world ASP.NET apps - one using ECO - from start to real-world deployment).
Huw Collingbourne05/09/13 00:03:38Well, having followed this series since episode 1 in June, I finally get a chance to try this blog for real. Great work, Bob! I'd use this myself if only Bitwise weren't hosted on Linux.... :-(
Bob Swart05/09/14 22:46:56You can get great Windows hosting from TDMWeb... my and websites run there, including the Delphi 2005 courseware ASP.NET application.
Levend05/09/15 23:05:42Hi all, this is a slightly off-topic question: what is your prefered way doing ECO stuff: let ECO design the DB or do you design the tables etc. yourself and use ECO reverse engineering ? Why, what are the pros and cons of each ?
Levend05/09/15 23:34:29... just discovered that refreshing this page adds a new comment - sorry about that !
Bob Swart05/09/16 19:48:13Levend: it shouldn't do that (adding duplicate comments)... Oh well, I've deleted them ;-_
Dag06/01/31 11:58:54Great stuff!
Fernando Madruga06/02/14 03:20:19Excelent work! I'm now going to read all your articles on this and think a bit more seriously about using ECO in future projects... BTW: what's the point of having an hyperlink on the post's title? Takes us to the exact same page we are reading... :)
Bob Swart06/02/14 12:34:04The hyperlink can be used in for example an e-mail or newsgroup post, and/or if you want to tell someone about a blog post and need a so-called "permalink"...
Dan06/11/17 11:56:38Excellent! i tried this with BDS 2006 and it works fine. But is there some way I can add rich text support to the blog ?

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